Resin Lining

Even the toughest of piping can start to experience serious wear and tear, given enough time. Depending on the weather, climate and other factors, the interior of a pipe can receive excessive strain that can eventually lead to rupture or leaking if not taken care of.

Bristol Drains specialises in the application of special resin coating to piping interiors that recreates the strength of a fresh new pipeline. For old homes and buildings that do not have pipes to cope with modern appliances and water usage, installing resin lining can be a relatively inexpensive way to bring your pipes up to code.

What is Resin Lining?

Resin is a viscous substance that, with the proper pressure and cooling applied, can be hardened into a durable solid for a wide variety of purposes. When applied inside of a pipeline, resin lining creates a new surface that covers the potential weaknesses and gaps of an aging pipe.

How the Resin Lining is Installed

Our crew of plumbing experts are very skilled in the use of resin coating, and follow a simple three-step process for installing resin lining in your pipes.

    1. A felt sleeve of polyester resin, along with a catalyst, in inserted into your piping.

    2. An air compressor is inserted and inflated to hold the resin in place until it fully cures.

    3. After the appropriate time has passed for the resin to dry, the compressor is removed, leaving a finished resin coating.

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